Our Youth Leadership Council's Why Be Heard? Book Release Party!


NEW YORK, N.Y. - On Wednesday, August 7th Urban Word NYC’s Youth Leadership Council (YLC) released Why Be heard?, a carefully crafted anthology written and put together by the youth of New York City. Why be Heard? is a dynamic anthology that touches on the many voices and identities of New York City youth.

Our Youth Leadership Council celebrated the release of their anthology through a youth led and organized event at our office space. Hosted by two YLC members Shanai William and James Lherisson, the audience was able to learn a little more about the process it was to build an anthology that magnified the many identities that make up the youth of NYC. The hosts then left it to the poets themselves to perform some of the very poems they wrote for Why Be Heard? in order give the audience a preview of the heartfelt project. The book release was concluded by a brief open mic and well deserved dance party where our Youth Leadership Council plus friends where able to truly get free and celebrate their hard work.

If you’re interested in purchasing a book, please click this here to order yours today!

Sofia Snow