The Preemptive Education Conference is Urban Word NYC’s annual mentor, teacher, educator & community activist training.

Urban Word NYC, NYU’s Metropolitan Center for Research and Equity on the Transformation Schools, and Columbia University’s Teachers College present the 16th Annual Preemptive Education Conference, featuring a dynamic weekend training series that engages the best practices in arts-based pedagogy, social justice education and culturally responsive teaching. This annual conference is a 3-day experience designed for students and educators from all areas, administrators, guidance counselors, community leaders, hip hop and spoken word practitioners, and more. This year’s theme focuses on intergenerational dialogue. Please see the call for proposals below!


For some of us, “inter-generational” is the work itself—we build with and alongside generations above and below us—in which case we’re inviting best critical practices from folks’ day-to-day offerings in their classrooms, organizations, companies and community centers, performance spaces, and more. For others, it may take more intention to prioritize that approach. Workshops might range from story-sharing practices or mural creation to demonstrations around sampling culture in hip hop or models for structuring town hall dialogues. We’re asking for sessions that speak to one or more of the following three tracks: